David Ambrose ~ Furniture maker

     In 1977, when I was beginning my career as a woodworker, I bought my first machine, a wood lathe to turn chess men. And though I have since made everything from ring boxes to armoires, salad bowls to summer houses, and now have a well equipped workshop, the wood lathe has remained my favourite tool. It must be the simplest and most ancient of machine tools and it beautifully combines the efficiency of power drive with the skilful use of hand held turning tools. I use the lathe almost daily, for instance in turning the stretchers and armposts for Windsor chairs, the legs for dining tables, the newel posts and balusters for staircases.

     In the following pages of this web site, you can discover more about the various types of Windsor chairs I make, the tables, cabinets, built-in units, interior renovation and architectural work that I undertake, with many photographs to illustrate the range and quality of my work. 

     Virtually all my work is custom made, even the chairs are tailored to fit the purchaser, so what you see here is a guide to what I can do, rather than a definitive collection. If you wish to discuss anything that you see, or a particular project you may have in mind, I would be happy to talk to you by email, telephone or in person at my studio. Check the contact page for details.

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